Death Never Sleeps (Michael Nicholas, #1): review + interview with author

Song of the book: Believer by Imagine Dragons


Heyaa! It’s the end of the month, and this August I’ve been reading different genres and I’m quite proud of myself!

I’ve been waiting for so long to recieve this trilogy and now I finally got to start it. DEATH NEVER SLEEPS by E.J. SIMON is the first book from the Michael Nicholas trilogy that tells the story of Alex Nicholas, a wealthy bookie who got shot in the middle of his favourite restaurant on Halloween Eve, and his brother, Michael Nicholas, the wealthy CEO of a General Motors Corp. division  and the one who was trying to stay away from his brother’s shady business for years, but is brought into the middle of it after the death of Alex after the request of his widow, Donna. Michael is trying to solve some unfinished business, while meeting people who want to get back something Michael can’t put his finger in. In the meantime, Alex is, literally, reaching from beyond the grave, with the help with a secret expansive AI interface. Will Michael be ready to handle his brother’s messy life and to live in the world he’ve been avoiding since ever?


Honestly, I felt like I was watching a crossover between Black Mirror and NCIS. It caught my breath from the first page, and I couldn’t put it down. It was the fastest read of his mouth. The story was flowing easily, with enough description to make the mind focus more on the events and not the surroundings. As for th characters, I didn’t know how to feel towards them. I couldn’t trust Michael’s intentions as I suspected him for the killer, I was frightened by the Lesters, and did not like Alex’s widow, Donna, and his two ex wives. But as you get to read, you start to categorise everyone. Theonly thing I wished it was more developped was Alex’s point of view; he was shot in the middle of us readers knowing him.

If you think DEATH NEVER SLEEPS is a normal crime book that treats a murder in the most cliche way, then you are compeletly wrong. It goes way beyond there, from the underground of corporations, to criminals who can be kind, business men and church leaders who can be evil. It made me want to rewatch The Godfather for the hundrendth time. It had the same story, a brother picking up after his brother’s death and liking the power he felt when controlling a very powerful world, but the different part was Alex reaching for his brother from the grave, using technology that’s unknown.

The ending made me impatient to read the next books, it was sudden and didn’t give any hint about the faith of Michael and his wife, Samantha, about their safety and the next decisions he will make to make sure his brother gets the closure he was longing for.

Now, here’s my interview with E.J. SIMON

1. What was the inspiration behind Death Logs Out?

The inspiration behind the entire series (Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In & Death Logs Out) was the concept of using advances in artificial intelligence to not only duplicate the brain and consciousness of a human being but also to use the history and past performance of that person’s memory and mind to extend the life of that individual, allowing them to react and live in the cyberworld . . . forever, as though they were still “alive.”

2. How can you describe death in general? Is it an experience or does it frighten you?

It doesn’t frighten me. It’s the greatest mystery of mankind – what happens after we die? We either will never wake up and things will be just as they were for us before we were born – meaning there is nothing – or we will wake up to the greatest theatre imaginable.

3. Was it hard to have your book about a topic that most people are afraid of?

My book isn’t so much about death as it is about life, immortality. It’s mostly concerned too, with what happens here on earth, about family, relationships, marriages, crime, hypocrisy and, at times, the simple joys of living, like food!

4. What is the book you read that made you into writing?

I can’t say there was one single book that made me want to write. It’s been a lifetime of reading – fiction, nonfiction, history, biographies, novels, even business or leadership books. They have all demonstrated to me the power of the written word to change and mold our lives. In the case of fiction, it’s a way of peeling the onion below the surface of real life. It allows a writer to explore places that reality or non-fiction can’t go. Just like a painting can often tell more about a scene or a person than a straightforward photograph.

5. Do you believe in order to write, you have to read a lot?

Yes. I’m sure there are some exceptions, a writer who is perhaps either incredibly brilliant or incredibly ignorant but who has some innate message to deliver and, somehow, just gets it done. But I’m just guessing. Generally speaking, however, I think you need to read – and write – a lot to be a good writer. Thinking helps, too.

6. Who’s the author you would love to collaborate with and write a book?

Dan Brown or Daniel Silva would be my first choices. Georges Simenon and Agatha Christie, too, although they would be challenging since we never downloaded their minds on an artificial intelligence program.




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